Applied Biology in Saharan Areas
Volume 3, Numéro 1, Pages 64-95

Bioactives Substances Orales Communication

الكاتب : Dahane-rouissat Lineda .


The molluscicidal activity of aqueous extract of Launaea nudicaulis and Limoniastrum feei against the snail Lymnaea stagnalis was studied. The molluscicidal activity of all the plant products was found to be both time and concentration dependent. The 72 h LC50 of Limoniastrum feeistem against L. stagnalis was 26,8 μg/ml, extraction by maceration were more toxic than Launaea nudicaulis by reflux extraction, that was 37,27 μg/ml. The aqueous extract of Launaea nudicaulis (72 h LC50:43 μg/ml), Limoniastrum feei stem (72 h LC50: 52,78 μg/ml) and Limoniastrum feei leaves (96 h LC50: 56,31 μg/ml); aerial part of Launaea nudicaulis was more effective than that of Limoniastrum feei parts (24 h LC50: 340,83 μg/ml). The 48 h LC50 of Limoniastrum feei stem and Launaea nudicaulis was 34, 39 and 75,51 μg/ml, respectively. The product of Launaea nudicaulis and Limoniastrum feei may be used as potent molluscicides.

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Key words : Limoniastrum feei, Launaea nudicaulis, Molluscicidal activity, Lymnaea stagnalis, reflus extraction.