Algerian Journal of Materials Chemistry
Volume 3, Numéro 2, Pages 107-112

Influence Of Date Palm Liquor On Rheological Behavior Of Cement-based Mortars

Authors : Irekti Amar . Oualit Mehena . Siahmed Hamza .


The cost of superplasticizer is increasing day by day because of high demand, scarcity of raw materials. From this, the extensive research and development works towards exploring new ingredients are required for producing sustainable and environment friendly construction materials. Date palm liquor is one such material that can be used as a chemical admixture which is obtained with Kraft process from the date-palm wood. In the present investigation black liquor is added to fresh concrete in different dosages, the concrete is then tested for rheological behavior, workability and compressive strength. From results it is shown that 1% replacement of water with black liquor increases the fresh properties of the concrete, 2% replacement of water with black pulp liquor increases the mechanical properties of the concrete and acts as a set retarder.


Date-palm wood, Black liquor, Cement, Rheological behavior, workability and compressive strength

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