Volume 9, Numéro 3, Pages 138-162

The Teaching And Learning Of English Yes/no-question Stress Patterns In The Class Of Première

Authors : Ndongo Ibara Yvon-pierre . Ondze Otouba Roland Giscard . Kelele Kedi Frayvon .


This article has provided didactic procedures for the teaching and learning of English yes/no-question sentence stress in the class of Première. In fact, the analysis of this work reveals that English sentence stress items are included driving data from the English syllabus at secondary school. However, they are not taken into account by teachers and learners while dealing with the course of English language. This is due to the fact teachers of English have not been trained to teach this language item during their training period at the teachers training college. Furthermore, this work shows that it is possible to teach, learn and test the English sentence stress based on yes/no-questions thanks to the teaching strategies elaborated in a lesson plan suggested to help both teachers and learners face this item in classes.


teaching ; learning ; yes-no questions ; sentence stress