Revue des Sciences Fondamentales Appliquées
Volume 8, Numéro 2, Pages 542-551

Bacteriological Analysis And Public Perception About Drinking Water Of Boreholes In Arib (ain Defla, Algeria)

Authors : Hamaidi-chergui F. . Brahim Errahmani M. . Debib A. . Hamaidi M.s. .


Water from boreholes in Arib (Ain Defla) was investigated to ascertain its quality status and suitability for drinking and domestic uses. Fifty six water samples were collected from four boreholes. The analyses of the Coliform counts obtained from various boreholes samples ranged between 0 and 200 CFU/ 100 ml with regard to total Coliforms and between 0 and 8 CFU/ 100 ml with regard to fecal Coliforms. Three of the boreholes samples showed contamination by Streptococcus sp. Pathogens like Salmonella were not identified but some low levels of sulfite-reducing bacteria was found. The interviews were done to assess perceptions on water taste problems, odour, colour, turbidity and health problems. These results showed that all the samples did not satisfy the WHO and JORA requirements for bacteriological characteristics in human consumption.


Boreholes; bacteriological analysis; water quality; Arib; Ain Defla; Algeria.

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