Volume 26, Numéro 2, Pages 484-494

Short Story-based Translation: A Technique For Efl Teaching Secondary Education In Algeria, Bechar

Authors : Boureguig Abdelkrim . Nebbou Abdelkader .


As far as EFLT is concerned, best approach, method and technique for better quality teaching are highly required. Teachers often fail to achieve successful EFLT probably because of the inappropriate usage of the teaching method and/or techniques; or because of unsuccessful teaching text selection. Short story is a literary genre, form and text that can be authentically explored for EFLT. Translation of the text, passages, phrases and/or words could be a relevant technique that may guarantee better short story investment especially for learners’ linguistic needs. This paper is an attempt to investigate the usefulness of short story translation-based technique to EFLT in Algeria. A survey distributed to Secondary Education English teachers is used for data collection. The study shows that teachers are for the use of short story in EFLT, as it is simple, motivating, interesting and most importantly short. It shows also that translation can be successfully used with short story as a technique for EFLT particularly for lexicon repertoire enrichment, merely because of the linguistic richness that short stories offer.


short story ; translation ; technique ; EFL ; teaching