Journal of social protection research
Volume 1, Numéro 1, Pages 51-68

La Contribution Du Benchmarking A L’amélioration De La Performance Industrielle Des Entreprises Agroalimentaires.

Auteurs : Makdoud Samira .


The benchmarking is to identify the best practices for improvement. This paper has the aim of studying the contribution of the benchmarking to improve the performance of agribusiness industry. Despite the developments that the agri-food industry has experienced throughout the world, it should be noted that there are underperformances that cause the mortality of Algerian SMEs. The analysis and the modeling of the results via the MICMAC matrix made it possible to note the existence of a direct influence between the benchmarking variables and the variables of the industrial performance of 15 Algerian companies.

Mots clés

Benchmarking, industrial performance, agribusiness industry, good practices.