Journal of social protection research
Volume 1, Numéro 1, Pages 30-50

La Performance Des Joint-ventures Internationale Créées Dans Le Cadre Des Alliances Stratégiques Etude Du Cas D’une Joint-venture Internationale Saidal-sanofi

Auteurs : Medjiah Abdelkader .


This article presents the results of a study about the performance of a strategic alliance concluded between Saidal group and the French group Sanofi Aventis through "Winthrop PharmaSaidal" joint venture. We used objective and subjective criterion to evaluate the performance by means of two perspectives that are “partner performance” and the performance of the joint-venture, which is alliance object. For the first perspective, results seem to be mixed, otherwise, the performance of the alliance object proved positive.

Mots clés

Joint growth, Performance, Strategic Alliances, International Joint Ventures.