Volume 7, Numéro 4, Pages 283-300

Northern Ireland Bloody Sunday In A New Perspective

Authors : Merzoug Rania .


Since recently, in December 2019, Northern Ireland celebrated the 50 years of the Troubles, it is important to review the most important event of these years, which is Bloody Sunday. It is considered as significant because it was the apogee of violence in Northern Ireland with thirteen dead civilians and seventeen others injured. This study aims at identifying the manipulators of the Bloody Sunday’s reins. It investigates the decision making of the massacre in Northern Ireland. It should clarify the ambiguity that surrounded the carnage that took place on the 30th January 1972, especially with the appointment of the Saville Commission to investigate what really happened on this day and the release of new documents. To achieve the aforementioned, marchers’ peacefulness should be looked at in addition to the source of the decision of the shooting. For this reason, both the Widgery Report and the Saville Report should be examined. The examination of the different angles of Bloody Sunday resulted in not only negating the state of confusion of the soldiers claimed by some authors but also in refuting the rightness of their decision to shoot at the unnamed people. The study will show that the demonstrators were not armed, and the soldiers received the order of shooting at the rioters. Bloody Sunday was a premeditated plan.


Northern Ireland ; Bloody Sunday ; decision making ; witnesses ; demonstrators