La revue de la Communication et du Journalisme
Volume 2, Numéro 2, Pages 119-129

الثورة الرقمية في البرمجة التلفزيونية رهان البرمجة التلفزيونية ومستقبلها

الكاتب : أسمهان بن لعلام .


The world of audio visuel has know a Great modification, this has affected the planing and the way of receiving the programmes and the new technology of communication change dit the field of television ,the way of programming and sending, this can let us think and say that there is a war, the war of mass medias and audio visuel which every country is doing to be the best in this field through the sattelites that is a way to attract as many people as possible by the nice, clear pictures and voices to have the best quality. This is why planing and programming has to adapted with the differents technologies which has become the success on television now and in the future.

الكلمات المفتاحية

البرمجة,القنوات التلفزيونية ,الجمهور المبرمج, التكنولوجيات الحديثة للاتصال, الرقمنة.