Ex Professo
Volume 4, Numéro 2, Pages 138-147

An Innovative Higher Education Institution Through A Digital Revolution

Authors : Khireddine Amel .


Higher education institutions are expected to reveal the methods they adopt in order to meet the social and economic requirements of society. There is no single way, but a number of approaches in which higher education institutions perform in an entrepreneurial and innovative manner. Such manners revolve around the way those institutions handle resources and construct organisational power; create and nurture synergies between teaching, research and their societal commitment; insert digital technology into their practices and the way they promote entrepreneurship through education and business start-up support. As such, this paper aims at underscoring the pivotal role digital technologies play in sustaining the development of an entrepreneurial and innovative higher education institution.


Digital technologies ; innovative higher education ; social requirements ; traditional educational approaches ; response to challenges