Journal of social protection research
Volume 1, Numéro 0, Pages 67-92

La Joint-venture : Un Enchevêtrement De Perspectives

Auteurs : Rouane Rafik .


The joint venture has been considered since the 1970s as an instrument of international direct investment facilitating the transfer of technology and skills on an equitable basis. It has attracted many countries, including Algeria, which hastened to institutionalize it through the creation, in particular, of a legal infrastructure still non-existent at the time or being largely outdated. The reception of the joint venture in these countries had to be subject to prior regulatory changes to achieve the status that we know today. The object of our research is to remove certain conceptual ambiguities surrounding the term joint-venture while highlighting this particular form of inter-company rapprochement and its impact on the acquisition and/or development of new skills.

Mots clés

Joint venture, strategic alliances, skills transfer, FDI, skills development.