Recueil de mécanique
Volume 5, Numéro 1, Pages 440-450

Numerical Investigation Of Laminar Mixed Convection Flow Between Two Parallel Planes In The Presence Of Rotating Cylinders

Authors : Aidaoui Lakhdar . Lasbet Yahia . Harzallah Bendaoud . Khinech Ziane .


In this work, mixed convection and laminar flow between two parallel planes in the presence of two rotating circular cylinders is investigated numerically. A wall flux density is imposed on the top and bottom planes and the rotating cylinders’ surfaces are assumed to be adiabatic. The study is performed for different values of Reynolds number (50≤Re≤300), angular rotational velocity of the cylinders (-300≤W≤300), angular velocity ratios of the cylinders (0.25≤W1/W2≤4) and the distance between the cylinders. It is observed that the flow patterns and thermal field are affected considerably by the rotational motion of the cylinders and the Reynolds number variation of the longitudinal flow. In addition, Local Nusselt number computed shows how the existence of the two cylinders affects heat transfer enhancement with varying percentages from 20% to 52.94 % compared to the case without cylinders. Augmentation of angular velocity ratio brings from 11.76% to 31.76% of heat transfer improvement.


CFD ; Mixed convection ; Heat transfer ; Laminar flow