Algerian Journal of Health Sciences
Volume 2, Numéro 2, Pages 15-24

Antioxidant And Anti-inflammatory Properties Of Essential Oils Of Salvia Officinalis On Immunopathological Effects Induced By Scorpion Envenomation

Authors : Ladjel-mendil Amina . Laraba-djebari Fatima .


Introduction: Scorpion envenomation induces several complex clinical signs affecting various organs and systems at once, mainly the nervous and cardio-respiratory systems as well as systemic inflammatory response that can lead to death. Immunotherapy associated with symptomatic treatment remains the only means to combat this serious public health problem. The objective of this work is to explore the potential role of essential oils of Salvia officinalis on pathogenesis induced after scorpion envenomation. Materials and Methods: Animals were injected with a sublethal dose (0,5 mg/kg )of scorpion venom and treated with Salvia essential oils (0,5 %) (v/v). Results: Obtained results showed that the venom alone induced an inflammatory response in heart, lungs and livertissues characterized by an inflammatory cell infiltration (eosinophil and neutrophil) associated with hyperleukocytosis (60%). The scorpion venom induced also significant alterations in the histological architecture of these organs (heart, lungs and liver), anoxidative stress characterized by free radical overproduction (increase of NO concentration), a massive release of lipid peroxidation metabolites (MDA) and an inhibition of catalase activity with an increase in glutathione level. The use of Salvia essential oils allowed to an important reduction of immuno-inflammatory markers marked by significant decrease (80%) of eosinophil and neutrophil infiltration. Histological analysis confirmed the reduction of edema-forming and inflammatory cell recruitment in heart, liver and pulmonary parenchyma compared to envenomed mice. Salvia essential oils seemed to be more effective against oxidative stress (70 %) caused by scorpion envenomation. Conclusion: the Salvia species may represent natural, safe and effective treatment of scorpion envenomation. In recent decades, with the increase of pharmacological knowledge about the beneficial effects of sage especially Salvia officinalis, the herbal medicines with anti-oxidant, and anti-inflammatory effects have found to be effective in the development of novel natural drugs to prevent, control and treat health problems as well as more serious and complicated diseases.


Scorpion envenomation, pathological disorders, Essential Oils of Salvia officinalis, oxidative stress, inflammation