Algerian Journal of Health Sciences
Volume 1, Numéro 1, Pages 64-70

Impact Of Diet And Food Habits On Algerian Consumer’s Health Impact De L’alimentation Et Des Habitudes Alimentaires Sur La Santé Du Consommateur Algérien

Authors : Khaled Meghit Boumediene . Diaf M .


As consumers, our diet is subject to selection. Although, society and supermarkets offer us to consume almost blindly without thinking, it is crucial to understand the impact of our eating habits. According to several surveys conducted in different regions in Algeria, especially those we performed in the western area, we observed that our diet is rich in meat and meat products, in milk and in refined sugar foods, that according to nutritionists, are not necessary to provide all essential nutrients, and would even be detrimental to our health (high fat diet, less complex carbohydrates, poor dietary fiber, and abundant protein). As a result, a significant prevalence, of non-communicable diseases (NCD) such as diabetes, overweight and obesity, some types of cancers, increases rapidly, predominantly among children and teenage groups. A national strategy should urgently be taken to reduce this prevalence and to ameliorate the health status of Algerian consumers throughout sustainable food program aiming to educate the general population about how their food choices impact their health and wellbeing.


Food habits, Diet, Health, Sustainable food