Algerian Journal of Engineering Research
Volume 4, Numéro 1, Pages 1-5

Synthesis, Characterization And Catalytic Performance Of Modified Clay Materials

Authors : Boudjema Souheyla . Choukchou-braham Abderrahim .


A solid, stable, porous catalyst (high surface area), with a well dispersed active phase for the activation of oxidant near the organic compound, make it possible to increase the reaction speed appreciably is the objective of this work. Various solids can meet this aim.Pillared clays constitute one of the families most largely studied among the new groups of microporous materials developed by molecular technology. This type of material is obtained by modification of Bentonite (valorization of Bentonite-type clay from Maghnia (Algeria) by oxides and impregnated by a metal of transition, in order to improve the reactivity and the selectivity of the oxidation reactions.A series of vanadia supported on Chromia pillared clay (Cr-PILC) with two different content of chromia (5 mmol and 10 mmol of Cr/ g of clay) were prepared and characterized by UV-vis DR and FT-IR. The catalysts prepared were studied for epoxidation of cyclohexene using TBHP as oxidant. The catalyst found good selectivity (74.6 %) for cyclohexene epoxide with 10V/Cr-PILC5.


Vanadia ; Chromia ; Bentonite ; Cyclohexene ; Epoxidation