Revue Académique de la Recherche Juridique
Volume 11, Numéro 2, Pages 755-773

Administrative Control In A Field Of Social Security In Algerian Law

Authors : Kohil Hayet .


The subject of Monitoring in the field of social security is considered one of the important legal issues that attract researchers and, in general, all those interested in social law, academics and professionals. Especially since the social security system in Algeria and in many countries is facing financial difficulties for many reasons, besides the weakness of employment and aging policies and other reasons, fraud and fraud committed by employers is considered one of the most important causes of the deficit that these funds suffer from and realizing The legislator of these conditions worked to develop the monitoring mechanism through a set of legal texts in which he clarifies how to exercise control and its conditions. However, this preventive method did not come to fruition and did not succeed in achieving the stated objectives, so it was necessary to study these laws to find a citizen Palaces and especially , This is the subject of the new topics that have not previously searched with sort of specialization of the recent financial crisis faced by the social security systems of many countries


administrative control ; social security ; control assistance ; powers of the observer ; conditions for monitoring