FORUM DE L' ENSEIGNANT منتدى الأستاذ
Volume 11, Numéro 1, Pages 168-189

طقوس الماء عند الأمم القديمة .مقاربة إناسية

الكاتب : عيساوي عيسى .


This article highlights the rituals related to water; and their spiritual and religious aspects, aspracticed in ancient communities,creeds and religions combined. Thestudy of religious texts in thecontext of comparative religionhighlights the place occupied bythese practices and rituals of the water which were sanctified every religion. And as any religion as a whole rests on faith, legend and ritual, it will now be possible to ask the following questions: can we consider the yearly water rituals as a religion or not? If not how did this religious phenomenon transforminto a philosophical one?.

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الطقوس ، الأمم القديمة، مقاربة إناسية