FORUM DE L' ENSEIGNANT منتدى الأستاذ
Volume 11, Numéro 1, Pages 57-74

خصائص الدرس الصرفي عند المبرد من خلال كتاب كتابه المقتضب

الكاتب : بن موسى زين الدين .


Similar to Sibawayh’s book, the book entitled Almuqtadab by its author Abu Alabaas Almubarid is rich in morphological issues reflecting the unquestionable belief that learning grammar could never be achieved without a good mastery of morphology. The present study is motivated by the increasing number of studies investigating the efforts of this particular scholar in morphology. This article tries to shed some light on the major characteristics of the morphology lesson as reflected in Almuqtadab, examines Almubarid’s innovative way in dealing with previously discussed morphological issues, and traces what is new in the field through his contributions.

الكلمات المفتاحية

النحو، الصرف، المبرد، المقتضب