FORUM DE L' ENSEIGNANT منتدى الأستاذ
Volume 11, Numéro 2, Pages 97-107

التفاعل المقطعي في المقامة الأندلسية –مقامة السد للسرقسطي أنموذجا

الكاتب : مسيس رياض .


The general theory of the basic sectional structures-which has been crystallized by " ADAM" starting from the ideas of KINTSCH- supposes the existence of samples independent from each other, the text is a non homogeneous sectional structure, composed of a collection of sections: Narrative, Descriptive, Conversational…..etc. The function of this theory appears in the answer on a set of questions: How do these sections interact to produce the text?, and are there any specific relations that govern the process of interaction? Is the interaction a mere term used as a substitute for the concept of interference? In her book: Conversational Interactions Orecchioni stresses the fact that the subject of “the interaction is constant in linguistic theory, it is the basis that the discourse depends on. Before her, IKENBAUM in his article on ”formal method theory”, displayed that the concept of form has become not a mere cover or a container framework, but a dynamic and concrete whole and it is a speech that is used in the “Interactional horizon” within literary texts. That is what we will try to show through the text of ” MAKAMAT AL ASSAD” by AL-SARAKOSTY. Our choice fell on the genre of MAKAMA” itself, because of the dominant belief by the majority of critics that it is a hybrid form, its structure using the structures of different literary genres.

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التفاعل المقطعي ، المقامة، الأدب الأندلسي