FORUM DE L' ENSEIGNANT منتدى الأستاذ
Volume 11, Numéro 2, Pages 44-68

عوائق تدريس الفلسفة لتلاميذ الشعب العلمية(وجهة نظر التلاميذ والأساتذة) دراسة تشخيصية علاجية

الكاتب : خزار . بن ميسي وسيلة . زبيدة مونية .


Despite the importance of teaching philosophy in secondary school, it does not find a place in the scientific stream students’ consciousness; they perceive it in a scientific spirit, as they consider that philosophy has no relation with knowledge because it does not belong to experimental sciences. Besides, they describe it as being "useless". They, also, declare that they will not understand it under any circumstances, thus learning it is a waste of time; which is reflected on their psychological and mental presence while studying philosophy. In addition to that, their way of dealing with it as a module in their curriculum is totally different from that of literary students. So what are the causes that led to this phenomenon? And who is responsible for this situation? What can we do to avoid philosophy turning into a painful reality that students are forced to face in their third year? In order to avoid personal impressions and self-judgment’ opinions, we seek in this paper to diagnose obstacles to teaching philosophy to scientific streams, depending on the views of teachers and students, in an attempt to find ways to overcome this situation.

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الفلسفة ،صعوبات المادة، التشخيص ، العلاج