Volume 2, Numéro 1, Pages 304-317

The Impact Social Networking 'facebook' On Efl Learners' Cultural Exchange And Code-switching As Young Receptors

Authors : Sekhri Ouided .


It has been globally acknowledged that social networking and especially 'Facebook' is a means of transferring culture from one nation to another. In fact, 'Facebook' has become the leading social network platform on the internet because it attracts the attention of all the categories of the society with no exception. Men and women, students and teachers, and friends and acquaintances use it depending on their needs. For that, when someone logs into Facebook s/he observes the extent to which this universe has become a small village where all cultures are put in a melting pot and where everything is at a fingertip. Indeed, there are different languages used by EFL learners both in their lives and particularly in the use of Facebook. This results in a problem which has been a usual phenomenon known as code switching on Facebook. Most of EFL learners flee from the Arabic language or mix it with English. This paper is an attempt to spot light on how EFL learners interact when using Facebook either with people from their country or with foreigners. Doing so, we shall see if their conversations on Facebook are beneficial for learning others' cultures or not. Thus, we will shed light on the way EFL learners use Facebook and the relation between this social networking and cultural exchange.


Code switching ; Facebook ; EFL learners' interaction