Materials & biomaterials science
Volume 1, Numéro 1, Pages 024-028

Geochemical Study Of Organic And Mineral Pollution Of Groundwater Of The Terminal Complex (ct) In Ouargla Bowl, Algeria.

Authors : Chaouki M. . Ghrieb L. . Hmidi N. . Hamza A. .


The main objective of this study is a diagnosis of groundwater quality in the Ouargla re- gion. The physicochemical quality analysis involved certain samples taken from boreholes of different aquifers exploited in the region, used for human consumption. We have pres- ented a method for assessing and mapping vulnerability to groundwater pollution. For it, we have introduced a mineral pollution index (MPI). We carried out the sampling on-site and laboratory analysis of several boreholes of the bowl. In order to arrive at a database to solve these problems which characterize the bowl, using software called SURFER 12.


Pollution, MPI, Bowl, Ouargla