Materials & biomaterials science
Volume 3, Numéro 1, Pages 040-045

Influence Of Particle Size And Bound Polymer On The Mechanical And Rheological Properties Of Polypropylene/inorganic Powder Composite

Authors : Djellali Souad . Djahnit Leila . Ferkous Hana .


Composites based on polypropylene and calcium carbonate powder were prepared in melt by varying the filler percentage (0-50 wt%) and size (0-180 μm). The effects of filler content and size on mechanical and rheological properties of PP/CaCO3 composites as well as the matrix/filler interface were evaluated. The results showed that Shore D hardness of PP/ CaCO3 composites is slightly affected by the variation of particles size of the filler. However, the Izod impact strength of the composites decreased remarkably with the increase in the filler content and particle size. The characterization of polymer/filler interphase revealed the presence of a bound polymer layer on calcium carbonate surface which persisted even after a prolonged extraction in xylene. In addition, the amount of polypropylene chains adsorbed on filler surface is greater for small size particles than for large particles.


Reinforcement, Interphase, Bound polymer, Polypropylene, Calcium carbonate