Les cahiers du CREAD
Volume 36, Numéro 3, Pages 425-448

The Influence Of Remote Learning On Students’ Learning Habits During Covid-19

Authors : Benkhider Naima . Kherbachi Sonia .


The Covid-19 pandemic is the new buzzword in the world, which has forced the whole planet to stay home. As a result, students were obliged to radically change their learning habits due to schools closures. This article aims to analyze the factors and challenges faced by students who change their learning habits to maintain remote learning. First, a correlation was calculated on dataset to select the most influencing factors on the students’ learning habits during the lockdown period. Then, the Generalized Nonlinear Model was used to predict and measure the influence of these variables on the learning hours spent to maintain students’ learning. Finally, results show that there are four factors that most affect students’ learning habits and increase their learning time, which are digital technologies used, awarness of self-learning progress, necessary knowledge to maintain environment development and digital resources format provided.


Remote learning ; Covid-19 ; Learning habits ; Digital technologies ; Generalized nonlinear model