algerian journal of environmental science and technology
Volume 5, Numéro 4, Pages 1163-1184

Evaluation By X-ray Fluorescence (xrf) Of Major And Trace Elements Accumulated In Xanthoria Parietina (l.) Th. Fr. (1860) Indicating Levels Of Pollution In Blida Area (algeria)

Authors : .kouadri L . Benamar M.e.a. . Benkhalifa A. .


The purpose of this study consists of the biomonitoring of air pollution in the Blida area in Algeria. Samples of the cosmopolitan lichen Xanthoria parietina were collected from trees situated in different sites through 14 surrounding districts. The observation of lichen under SEM improved our understanding that lichens have a porous structure that accumulates mineral elements more than plants, which have on their epidermis a protective cuticle. We used the XRF analysis technique to view the multi-element aspect in our project. A total of 14 elements were measured and approved by QA/QC procedures. The maximum and minimum values of the 5 major elements are: Al (4351-15616), Cl (119-701),Fe (2397-5493), K (2068-4437),and P (519-1486) μg/g. And the values for the nine trace elements are: Br (11-61), Cr (4-10), Cu (6-80), Mn (24-161), Pb (13-244), Rb (12-60), Sr (15-103), V (8-19) and Zn (26-416) μg/g. Mapping registers high values in some areas due to local emissions of industrial facilities, road traffic, waste, and urbanization regardless of the environment. Even theforest area, including the Chréa National Park, is affected due to repeated fires, high frequency of traffic, and due to the tracks management.


Biomonitoring; major and trace elements; Xanthoria parietina; X-fluorescence (XRF); Blida.

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