Volume 9, Numéro 1, Pages 1200-1206

Beneficial Effects Of Carob Pulp (ceratonia Siliqua) On Lipids Profile And Oxidant/antioxidant Status In Obese Rats

Authors : Sour Souad . Fridi Chahinez . Taif Amel .


Description of the subject: Obesity is generally accompanied by a chronic state of oxidative stress, implicated in the development of different complications. Carob pulp naturally rich in antioxidants, represent a real preventive potential in this context. Objective: The aim of the present study was to investigate the anti-obesity effects of carob (Ceratonia siliqua) pulp administration in cafeteria diet-induced obesity in rat model. Methods: Male wistar rats weighing 120 to 150g were fed a standard chow or a cafeteria diet enriched or not with carob pulp (20%) for two months. Different biochemical parameters and oxidant / antioxidant status were determined at the end of the experiment. Results: Our results revealed that the cafeteria diet caused an alteration of the metabolic and the balance oxidant / antioxidant. However, the consumption of diet enriched with carob pulp, lead to a reduction in body weight, adipose tissue weight, and glycemia. Additionally, carob pulpl enriched diet was also found to improve the lipids profile and oxidant / antioxidant status. In fact, there was a reduction in plasma levels of malondialdehydes and hydroperoxides, and an increase in the levels of erythrocyte catalase activity and total antioxidant ability of plasma. Conclusion: The different alterations of the metabolism and the oxidant/antioxidant balance associated with nutritional obesity can be corrected by the regular consumption of carob pulp.


obesity; cafeteria diet; Wistar rat; carob pulp; lipids profile; oxidant/antioxidant status

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