algerian journal of environmental science and technology
Volume 4, Numéro 1, Pages 690-702

Caractérisation Physico۔chimique Des Eaux Souterraines De La Région De Kenadsa Et Galbelaouda (sud - Ouest De L’algérie)

Auteurs : Nasri B. . Benhamza M. .


In order to assess the physico-chemical quality of groundwater and to give an explanation for the phenomena which are at the origin of the excessive mineralization, In the region of Kenadsa and Galbelaouda (South - Western of Algeria), and to establish a mapping of water quality of the various aquifers of this region. Groundwater sampling campaign was carried out during the periods of April to May 2013, at the water points in different aquifers in this area. A total of 172 water samples were collected and analyzed in the laboratory of the National Agency for Hydraulic Resources (ANRH) of Adrar. Thirteen parameters were analyzed: pH, Conductivity, TDS, Calcium, Magnesium, Sodium, Potassium, Chlorides, Sulphates, Carbonates and Bicarbonates, Nitrates, and Total Hardness. A Geographic Information System (GIS) was used for the elaboration of thematic maps. This study has shown that these waters are characterized by high mineralization varied between 660 and 10400 mg / l with an average of 3552.66 mg / l. These analyzes also show that 98% of the points studied present TDS that exceed the standards of the World Health Organization (WHO). This study also revealed contamination with nitrates in some wells of this region where we found values in the order of 250 mg / l that exceeded the standard (50 mg / l) [1]. These data were collected in a GIS database to allow for periodic monitoring of groundwater quality.

Mots clés

Groundwater; Hydrochemistry; Mineralization; Nitrates; GIS.