algerian journal of environmental science and technology
Volume 4, Numéro 1, Pages 664-670

Etude De L’applicabilité De L’oxydation électrochimique Directe Pour La Dégradation De L’oxytétracyline

Auteurs : Belkacem S. . Oturan N. .


The present study aims to investigate the oxytracycline degradation by means of electrochemical oxidation using boron doped diamond electrode (BDD). The electrochemical behavior of this later, examined by cyclic voltametry, showed a wave at 1.25 V/SCE which confirm the OTC oxidation. Thereby, the effect of electrolyte concentration (20, 40 and 60 mM) and current intensity (50, 150 and 300 mA), on OTC removal efficiency, was studied. The obtained results showed that OTC degradation followed a pseudo first order model and increased with the raise of current and electrolyte dose. At the optimal conditions (60 mM of Na2SO4 and 150 mA), the OTC degradation and mineralization reached 75% and 50% respectively, with a corresponding specific energy consumption of 0.46 kWh/kg.

Mots clés

Oxytetracycline, Water treatment, Advanced oxydation processes, anodique oxydation, BDD.