algerian journal of environmental science and technology
Volume 3, Numéro 3, Pages 528-531

Utilisation D’une Plante Aquatique Pour L’épuration Des Eaux De Pluie De La Région D’alger. Traitement Biologique Par Filtres Plantés De Macrophytes

Auteurs : Benrejdal F .


The use of plants in purification of water is a process which takes again the natural techniques of purification and contributes to environmental protection and human health. In this work, we were interested to test the potentialities of reed to purify rainwater recovered on a catchment in the area of Bab-Ezzouar. The various parameters taken into account during the characterization of physicochemical parameters of pollution are: pH, turbidity, conductivity, TSS, COD and NH4+, NO3 -, NO2 -, PO43-, Cl- and SO42-ions. Analysis were carried out by UV-Visible, Atomic absorption, Continuous Flow Analysis. The follow-up of evolution of the various parameters during the treatment showed an improvement for abatement of the organic load and nutriments, this improvement for the nutriments is much more significant.

Mots clés

Rainwater; physicochemical analysis; treatment, plants.