Journal of Materials and Engineering Structures
Volume 6, Numéro 3, Pages 359-374

Strengthening Of Self-consolidating High Strength Rc Dapped Ends With Cfrp Fabrics

Authors : Shakir Qasim M. . Abd Baneen B. .


In this work, an experimental study has been conducted to investigate the behavior of self-consolidating high strength reinforced concrete dapped end beams upgraded with CFRP composites. A series of 14-specimens have been tested, each of with length of 1500 mm, total depth of 400mm and width of 200mm. Two values of shear slenderness ratio (a/d) namely (1.5 and 1.0) are adopted. Two specimens have been considered as a reference beams (with full Design reinforcement), four were deficiently reinforced in either hanger or the extended disturbed zone, and the other eight beams have been upgraded with a variety of arrangements by CFRP fabric. This work aims to observe the effects of deficiently reinforced disturbed zones on the resistance and overall behavior of such elements. Also, the extent of strength recovery using CFRP sheeting. It is observed that reducing the hanger reinforcements by a half, results in a drop of capacity by (13%) regardless of values of (a/d). Furthermore, it is noticed that adopting the inclined arrangement of CFRP sheets with (450) yielded the best results if compared with other arrangements. An enhancement in failure load was about (23%) for (a/d=1.0).


Dapped ends; Self-consolidating; STM model; CFRP Fabrics