Journal of Materials and Engineering Structures
Volume 5, Numéro 1, Pages 81-93

Modeling The Erosion Of The Upper And Middle Cheliff Basin By The Model Builder Application On Arcgis

Auteurs : Benkaci Souhila . Abir Dehbia . Oumellal Aziz . Remini Boualem .


The objective of this present work is to produce a synthetic distribution map of sensitivity degrees to erosion on the level of the high and middle Cheliff basin, by using the superposition model of cards “model builder” on ArcMapTM. The latter is exposed to a serious problem of soil degradation causes siltation of the majority of the dams distributed on his whole. Indeed, four classes of erosion vulnerability have been distinguished (weak, average, strong and very strong) where the strongly vulnerable areas cover the most part of the basin. The map produced provides an excellent decision-making tool for managers, in order to better target their preventive intervention strategies.

Mots clés

Erosion; Cheliff; Vulnerability; GIS.