The North African Journal of Food and Nutrition Research
Volume 3, Numéro 2, Pages 180-185

Physical Properties And Chemical Composition Of Three Ethiopian Rice (oryza Sativa Linn.) Varieties Compared To Tef [eragrostis Tef (zucc.) Trotter] Grain

Authors : Legesse Sintayehu .


Background: It is really crucial to explore physical properties and chemical composition of the locally cultivated cereal crops to enhance their utilization in various recipes. Moreover, that will fill knowledge gaps in this field and provides advantages for both; producers and consumers who still believe that imported cereals are superior to the locals. Aims: This study was intended to investigate the physical properties and chemical composition of the three rice varieties (Edeget, Nerica-4, and X-jigna) in comparison to brown tef which are grown in Ethiopia. The evaluation included determination of thousand kernel weight (TKW), hectoliter weight (HLW), moisture, ash, crude fiber, crude fat, crude protein, carbohydrate, Fe, Zn, Ca, and phytic acid contents. Data Analysis: The data analysis was conducted using SPSS Version-22. Duncan’s multiple range test was used for the mean comparison at p<0.05. Results: The results revealed that the rice cultivar Edeget showed a higher TKW (39.20 g) than other varieties while brown tef had a TKW of 0.36 g. X-jigna displayed a higher HLW (63.70 kg/hL) than other varieties while the brown tef had 84.48 kg/hL. The ash, crude fiber and fat contents of the brown tef were higher than all the three rice varieties. Nerica-4 had better protein content (9.61%) than other rice varieties and brown tef had a protein content of 9.58%. The iron content of the three rice varieties was virtually null while the brown tef had shown a higher iron content (17.18 mg/100g). Nerica-4 had shown a higher zinc content (3.62 mg/100g) while the brown tef had got higher calcium (91.90 mg/100g) and phytic acid (5 mg/g). Conclusions: The study revealed that the physical properties of the three rice varieties were significantly different regardless of the environmental influences.


Physical properties, chemical composition, varieties, rice, tef.

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