Revue Finance & marchés
Volume 7, Numéro 1, Pages 36-62

Innovation In Mena Region: Descriptive Analysis Among Firms Of Mena Region

Authors : Bourouaha Abdelhammid . Maliki Samir Baha Eddine .


Nowadays with rapid changes in the business world, companies in the developed countries are increasingly including innovation as one of their strategies to ensure business expansion and profitability. This study examined the innovativeness of the firms in Mena region. The study utilized Business Environment and Enterprise Performance Survey (BEEPS) of the Mena region. The finding shows that the maximum of the innovations is in firms level follows to low investment, risks and expenditures. Innovation in country level takes the second level after firm level follows the high levels of risks, expenditures. The latest rate of innovation is for the international level because of the high levels of risks, expenditures. Also, majority of the firms of the Mena region are interested in marketing innovation and product innovation more than process innovation and organizational innovation. For marketing innovation, firms are interested in new methods of advertising and product promotion.


innovation ; mena region ; beeps data

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