Traduction et Langues
Volume 18, Numéro 2, Pages 166-179

Islam And The West: A Controversial Dichotomy.

Authors : Rezga Zahraa .


‘Islam and the West’ is an expression we often come across when we debate any historical, political, theological, anthropological, sociological, or geopolitical issue. Though the terms are asymmetrical, their recurrent association makes them appear natural. This expression gained much fame after it became title of books, theses, academic articles, lectures and TV programs. The first part – Islam – is a religion while the second – the West – is a geographical or cultural entity, the world of people who are not Muslims and not even Arabs. It might be more appropriate to say Islam and Christendom, or the East and the West. Raising the question of asymmetry allows one to ask why Islam is often the first in position. Why do we never say the West and Islam ? With the aim of confirming that it is not an order at random, several interpretations may be given. None of these will state that Islam is taken for its literal meaning. It is viewed as a complicated abstract concept, a word loaded with an infinite number of connotations, and a faith whose context spans not only mere epochs but the whole world history. The point of departure is to consider where the overwhelming ideological onslaught of the West stems from. Then, the whole article would seek to locate the West’s antipathy towards Islam both historically and theologically.


Antipathy ; History ; Islam ; the West ; Theology