Recherchers economiques manageriales
Volume 14, Numéro 1, Pages 41-60

The Impact Of The Store Atmosphere On Consumer Behavior: Case Study Of Algerian Consumers

Authors : Ainous Redouan . Ayad Saleh .


This study aims at tackling theoretically and empirically the effect of store atmosphere on consumer behavior. Having determined the main atmospheric variables surrounding store, we came up with the conceptualization a model in order to proceed to the analysis of the impact of sale point atmosphere as well as emotional reaction, to consumer behavior. The model is tested with over a sample of 170 respondents in a clothing store and store of Tlemcen city. We chose to analyse the model using structural equations with PLS. Result confirm our hypotheses that sale point atmosphere has an impact on consumer behavior as well as emotional reaction consumers.


store atmosphere ; SOR Model ; consumer behavior ; Algerian consumer