Journal Algérien des Régions Arides
Volume 14, Numéro 1, Pages 131-140

Morphological Characteristics Denomination Of Date Palm Studied Cultivars

Authors : Rekis Abdelkrim . Laiadi Ziane . Mehenni Mokhtar .


Sixteen cultivars of Algerian date palms have been characterized to estimate the degree of polymorphism and the level of similarity possible. Twenty-seven morphological traits were exploited and subjected to analysis of the principal components of the PCA, ascending hierarchical classification AHC and correlation. The results showed significant differences in morphological characters of all date palm cultivars. Principal component analysis PCA indicated that all the characters of the date and seed are divergent with the width of the right and left spine, the characters of the date are divergent with the thickness of petiole between spines and leaflets. And all characters of the leaflets are divergent with the right leaflets angle. Similarly, the ascending hierarchical classification AHC also revealed a morphological variability of date palm cultivars and a certain relationship and heterogeneity was also observed for cultivars of the same date consistency.


Date palm ; cultivar ; correlation ; morphological characters ; polymorphism