Journal Algérien des Régions Arides
Volume 14, Numéro 1, Pages 124-130

Effectiveness Of Some Sanitary Measures On The Survival Of Mastitis: The Point On Pre And Post Soak

Authors : Saidi Radhwane . Mimoune Nora . Benaissa Mohamed Hocine . Baazizi Ratiba . Khelef Djamel . Bahouh Mohamed Wail . Kaidi Rachid .


The current work aimed to evaluate and update the knowledge concerning the fight against mastitis as well as the efficiency of certain previously used measures like the dipping of the teats before and after milking the cows. For this, we chose two farms to be the subject our clinical tests, the two farms were almost identical in terms of their animal husbandry practices, except when it comes to the dipping: the first farm applied it in a systematic way while the second did not apply any dipping. With the aim of comparing the incidence rate of mastitis in both farms, first we performed a filling in a questionnaire, then we ran the following tests on the animals of both farms: Clinical examination to diagnose the clinical form mastitis, CMT (California Mastitis Test) to detect the subclinical form of mastitis, then we took samples for the bacteriological analysis. The obtained results have shown a significant difference in the prevalence of mastitis between the two farms where only one factor varied. The systemic application of the teat dipping before and after the milking is probably the key factor in reducing teats contamination in farm 1.


Bacteriology ; Mastitis ; Soaking ; Cow