Journal Algérien des Régions Arides
Volume 14, Numéro 1, Pages 18-25

The Effect Of Cooking Methods On The Physical And Chemical Properties Of Durum Wheat Flakes

Authors : Elbar Djenette .


In this study, the physical properties and chemical compositions of durum wheat and their used flakes were developed; where the moisture content, dry matter and ash content of the soaked wheat flakes was higher than that of the flakes prepared with durum wheat flour. However, lipids, proteins, and total carbohydrates were detected in the flakes of durum wheat flour, and were observed to be higher than those found in flakes prepared with soaked wheat at highly-significant difference-quenched (P <0.05). The contents of the major minerals (K, Ca, Na and Mg) and minor elements (Fe) were detected in wheat flour flakes at levels higher than those observed in the soaked wheat flakes. The organoleptic estimate of the sensory characteristics of a sample of tempered wheat flakes represents average scores in terms of appearance, color, taste and tenderness compared to flakes prepared with wheat flours.


durum wheat ; flakes of durum wheat ; chemical composition ; grades of minors