Revue Des Sciences Humaines
Volume 30, Numéro 4, Pages 95-104

The Students’ Attitudes Towards The Use Of Code Switching And The Different Types That Occur In Speech.

Authors : Kelkoula Nachoua .


The study is conducted at the department of Letter and Arabic languages, ENSC (école nationale supérieure) in Constantine and it involves 50 speaking students taken at random from the first years to answer the questionnaire concerning the attitudes of using code switching and a direct observation is made in which it entails the researcher to assist to different sessions and recording the conversations that take place in the classroom in order to identify the different types of code switching that occur during the interactions. Finding and results of this study showed that students have positive attitudes towards using two different languages and the three different types of code switching that were proposed by Poplack (1990) were identified, but the intra- sentential code switching was the most frequent one between the students.


code switching phenomenon, attitudes of code switching and types of code switching.