Volume 5, Numéro 5, Pages 24-44

Performance Evaluation Of Enterprise Resources Planning (erp) Systems At The Jordanian Industrial Companies As Perceived By The Mangers

Authors : Al-sha’ar Hamzeh . Suliman Al Trawneh Samar . Al Sarayreh Aktham .


This study aimed to know the level of the performances of the resources planning systems at the Jordanian industrial companies from the managers point of new stud population consisted of all mangers in the middle and low administration at the Jordanian industrial companies, the number of the mangers was (155) The study depended on the descriptive analytical method, and used the questionnaire for data collection. The most important results that the study reached are the following: The level of the performance of the ERP systems at the Jordanian Industrial Companies is high at significance level (α≤0.05). The results showed that the level of the ERP systems, performance according to strategic dimension, occupational practical dimension, administrative dimension, and the information technology infrastructure dimension was high. Key Words: Enterprise, Resources, Planning.


Enterprise, Resources, Planning.