Algerian Journal of Human and Social Sciences
Volume 3, Numéro 1, Pages 01-08

Beyond Global Governance: In Search Of The Global Public Interest

Authors : Bouriche Riadh .


During recent years, many analysts have criticized global governance. These critical analyzes have been accentuated by the observation of limits in the results of this governance, and the contemporary challenges it was becoming increasingly difficult for players in the international system to respond effectively and / or legitimate. Following this, many discussions and proposals have been developed for example the weight of some states in international organizations, or on trimming the role, tasks and means of formal bodies of global governance... We want to know if global governance ensures that the global public interest is served. For that, we begin,in a first point, to describe the role of institutions in international policy in the context of global governance. The second point is dedicated to a brief presentation of the mapping global governance. In the third point, we show that it is necessary to remove the governance.


global governance, institutions,international policy