Cahiers de Traduction
Volume 4, Numéro 10, Pages 28-42

مناهج تقويم جودة الترجمة الآلية، مقياس تير نموذجا

الكاتب : Frikha Fatah .


This study aims at finding out to what extent one of the metrics for MT evaluation, namely TER score, is reliable for the production of an objective evaluation of MT, for a possible substitution for costly, exhausting, and subjective human evaluation for MT. Therefore, an introduction to the metric is to start with, followed by a discussion of the method TER. Then, TER method for generating MT evaluation scores is explained. Lastly, an experiment of TER is to end up with. We conclude through TER score experiments that the metric's evaluation does not correlate well with human judgments. Hence, these results are neither satisfying nor encouraging to count on TER to do daily and repetitious MT evaluation for different purposes. Nevertheless, TER score might be useful for the development of MT systems.

الكلمات المفتاحية

TER score ; MT evaluation ; hypothesis translation ; reference translation