Volume 15, Numéro 2, Pages 47-58

Determinants Of Bilateral Trade To North African Countries: Empirical Study For The Period 1990-2014

Authors : Ben Achour Oum El-khier .


The need for greater bilateral trade operations between countries, economic integration gate. A strategic goal and a necessity imposed by economic developments in a climate of economic globalization and therefore focused on many of the countries and regions to liberalize trade and to promote trade, has been attributed visible recent economic and political integration. It is here we see out a lot of trade integration as a result of the role of trade regionally and internationally, as a key engine of economic growth significantly, especially in countries with export promotion policy, as countries of North Africa, which includes countries: Morocco, Algeria, Mauritania, Tunisia and Libya, as well as Egypt, it remains the least dynamic in terms of volume of trade exchanges intra-registered, despite the many initiatives taken since its independence in order to launch the dynamics of economic integration, especially the establishment of the Arab Maghreb Union and bilateral agreements. In this context, we will try in this paper to know the determinants of bilateral trade to countries in northern Africa.


bilateral trade, North African countries, determinants of trade.