Sciences & Technologie
Volume 2, Numéro 2, Pages 33-36

Lamb Shift In Hydrogen-like Atom Induced From Non-commutative Quantum Space-time

Authors : Zaim S . Eglmmamne H .


In this work we present an important contribution to the non-commutative approach to the hydrogen atom to deal with lamb shift corrections. This can be done by studying the Klein-Gordon equation in a non-commutative space-time as applied to the Hydrogen atom to extract the energy levels, by considering the second-order corrections in the non commutativity parameter and by comparing with the result of the current experimental results on the Lamb shift of the 2P level to extract a bound on the parameter of non-commutativity. Phenomenologically we show that the non-commutativity effects induce lamb shift corrections.


Klein-Gordon equation, non-commutative space, quantum Hydrogen atom