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Ecole Nationale Polytechnique (ENP) is an academic and research institution where thousands of Engineers and PhDs have been educated during the last 6 decades. Its alumna and alumnus have had a positive impact on industry and science all over the world. ENP aims to disseminate high-quality academic work to contribute to technology and science advances for humanity. The ENP Engineering Science journal (ENPESJ) is a peer-reviewed open-access journal. It bi-annually publishes reviews and full original research papers covering all aspects of recent advances in engineering dealing with: Electrical and Computer Engineering Industrial Engineering Mechanical and Materials Engineering Civil and Hydraulic Engineering Chemical and Environmental Engineering The journal would focus also on technology with industry applications, it plans to publish special issues on up-to-date emerging technologies and new research directions. ENPESJ Promotes Open Science through truly free open access peer-reviewed journal articles.







Electrochemical Measurements of Ni / Graphene based Nanohybrids for Electrochemical Energy Storage “Supercapacitors”

Djebablia Ikram ,  Guellati Ouanassa ,  Habib Naima ,  Harat Aicha ,  Djefaflia Fahima ,  Nait-merzoug Assia ,  Janowska Izabella ,  Guerioune Mohamed , 

   Publication date: 20-07-2023    pages  27-34.   
Physico-Chemical Properties of Three Synthesized Carbonaceous Nanomaterials (CNTs, GO, Biochar) for Perspective Application: Water / Soil Treatment and Energy Storage Authors

Araissia Hanene ,  Guellati Ouanassa ,  Abbaci Fatima ,  Harat Aicha ,  El-haskouri Jamal ,  Begin Dominique ,  Guerioune Mohamed ,  Nait-merzoug Assia , 

   Publication date: 20-07-2023    pages  35-41.   
Goethite Nanofibers /CNTs based Nanocomposites Synthesized by Free-Template Hydrothermal Method and their Physico-Chemical Properties for Energy Storage Application Authors

Djelamda Sara ,  Djefaflia Fahima ,  Harat Aicha ,  Nait-merzoug Assia ,  Momodu Dami ,  Manyala Ncholu ,  Guerioune Mohamed ,  Guellati Ouanassa , 

   Publication date: 20-07-2023    pages  42-47.