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Journal of Building Materials and Structures (JBMS) is an open access, peer-reviewed journal, published by the Civil Engineering Researcher Club in the University Amar Telidji-Laghouat, with no publication fee that publishes, in English, in all areas of building materials and engineering structures. The journal welcomes the submission of manuscripts that meet the general criteria of significance and academic excellence. JBMS is currently published semi-annually and offers a meeting targeted for specialists around the world to publish and discuss all topics related to the building materials and structures. JBMS topics include, but are not limited to: research on elaboration and characterization of building materials, experimental techniques and microstructural properties and structural engineering.







Reaction kinetics of cassava starch graft anionic/nonionic-type polymer internal curing agents

Liu Rongjin,  Sun Zhihui,  Xiang Weiheng,  Chen Ping,  Zhou Ruizhe, 

Résumé: Internal curing can help to improve the durability of concrete by preventing and minimizing initial cracks due to autogenous shrinkage and plastic shrinkage. Using a reliable internal curing agent is essential to the effectiveness of the internal curing process. This paper investigates the reaction kinetics of a starch graft anionic/nonionic-type polymer. The results demonstrate that initiator monomer concentration, and starch concentration are positively correlated with graft reaction rate Rp. Based on the research, the kinetics equation of this cassava starch graft anionic/nonionic-type polymer has also been developed, which coincides well with the law of free radical polymerization. The obtained Rp equation is a first-order dependence of the monomer concentration and the square root of the initiator concentration. And Rp is further correlated to the reaction temperature based on a sigmoid function instead of a linear function. It is also found that the polymerization reaction is characterized by the coexisted disproportion termination and coupling termination.

Mots clés: free radical polymerization; graft reaction rate; kinetics; growth sigmoid curve ;internal curing agent

Impacts of Diatomaceous Earth on the Properties of Cement Pastes

Hasanzadeh Bashir,  Sun Zhihui, 

Résumé: Fresh properties of concrete are closely related to operation and construction, such as transporting, placing, compacting, etc.; and they also have a great impact on the lifetime performance of concrete. In this paper, the influence of Diatomaceous Earth (DE) as a natural pozzolan on fresh properties of cement pastes has been investigated. Cement pastes with different water-to-binder ratios (w/b=0.4, 0.5 and 0.6) and 0%, 2%, 6% and 10% replacement levels of DE by weight of cement were studied. Viscosity, yield stress, flow diameter, bleeding, setting times, and the heat evolution of all cement pastes were measured. Results showed that DE has a significant impact on fresh properties of cement pastes. Increasing DE content in cement pastes resulted in higher viscosity and lower flow diameters. Pastes with higher DE replacement levels showed lower bleeding rate and shorter initial and final setting times. The isothermal calorimetry test also showed that, as a pozzolanic material, DE lowered the heat of hydration, however, it advanced the appearance of the heat evolution peaks which was in agreement with the results from setting time tests.

Mots clés: diatomaceous earth ; rheology ; isothermal calorimetry ; setting time ; bleeding ; Fresh properties

Sustainable Utilization of Plastic Waste as Aggregate in Concrete Mixes: a Review

Kore Dr. Sudarshan, 

Résumé: Plastic waste create serious environmental problems, mainly owing to the inconsistency of the wastes streams. Due to rapid population growth and their consistent necessity the use of plastic is increasing regularly. This creates a large quantity of garbage every day which is unhealthy and pollutes the environment. In present scenario solid waste management is a challenge in our country. This paper represents a collection of ideas of various studies done on the use of Plastic Waste Materials in concrete mixes. Conclusions are drawn based upon the respective results of all the mentioned research papers.

Mots clés: Plastic waste ; concrete ; sustainability

A study on Strengthening of Building foundation for Storey Extension

Zumrawi Magdi,  Aldawi Hiba, 

Résumé: Storey extensions are an increasingly popular way to crowded cities. Lack experience and ‎knowledge concerning strengthening of structures are major challenges for engineers. This ‎paper presents strengthening practice adopted for foundations of existing building when storey ‎extension is needed. Literature concerning strengthening techniques commonly adopted and ‎some historical cases were reviewed. A complex hall building in university of Khartoum which ‎was rehabilitated in 2009 by strengthening the structural members of the existing building to ‎accommodate additional floors was undertaken as a case study. The records and reports of the ‎original design and last rehabilitation of the building were reviewed. Field inspection of the ‎building condition before rehabilitation was carried out. The study results showed that the ‎appropriate design, the strengthening materials used and the procedure followed are the key ‎factors for economical and successful strengthening.‎

Mots clés: Storey extension ; foundation ; Strengthening technique ; rehabilitation

Effects of adding sisal and glass fibers on the mechanical behaviour of concrete polymer

Benzannache Naziha ,  Bezazi Abderrezak ,  Bouchelaghem Hafida ,  Boumaaza Messaouada ,  Scarpa Fabrizio ,  Amziane Sofiane , 

Received date: 26-04-2018    Publication date: 01-07-2018    pages  86-94.