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Analysis Static Bending for Functionally Graded Materials Plates (FGM) Using High Order Shear Deformation Theory

Merdaci S,  Boutaleb S,  Hellal H,  Benyoucef S, 

Résumé: In this paper, the analysis of the mechanical bending of functionally graded plates of a rectangular plate simply supported subjected to transverse static loading. in this work the refined high order theory is used and is presented. The number of unknown functions involved is reduced to merely four, as against five in other shear deformation theories. The developed models are variably consistent, have a strong similarity with the classical plate theory in many aspects, do not require correction to the shear factor, and give rise to variations transverse shear stresses such as transverse shear parabolically varies across the shear thickness and satisfies surface conditions without stresses. Equilibrium equations are obtained by applying the principle of virtual works. The mathematical expressions of the arrow, the stresses are obtained using Navies approach to solve the system of equilibrium equations. The influence of mechanical loading and the change of the parameter of the material on mechanical behavior of the plate P-FGM are represented by a numerical example. Numerical results obtained by the present theory are compared with available solutions, from which it can be concluded that the proposed theory is accurate and simple in analyzing the static bending behavior of functionally graded plates.

Mots clés: FGM ; Rectangular plate ; Bending ; High order theory RPT

Effect of Street Morphology on Thermal Storage of Buildings in a Hot and Arid Climate: Case Study of Biskra (Algeria)

بن عمر كوثر,  بن عباس مصدق, 

Résumé: This work is an experimental study focusing on the relationship between street morphology and thermal storage in buildings. The first aim of this study is to reduce air conditioning usage in hot and arid areas, taking as example Biskra city (Algeria), during the long summer period (5 months), by reducing thermal storage. This leads to the reduction of carbon emissions to a level higher than the individual construction level in order to design a sustainable city, using measuring instruments (kimo HD 100 and Cason CA 380), we measured outdoor air temperature, wall temperature, relative humidity and wind speed on three street morphologies ; the (canyon, dihedral and open streets). These streets are different in terms of morphological indicators such as Sky View Factor (SVF) and albedo materials (a). We also applied mathematical equations across the thermal balance to calculate thermal storage. Our second goal was to identify the morphological indicators of the streets affecting the thermal storage of buildings. In this context, the obtained results showed that SVF was the most influential parameter on the heat storage.

Mots clés: Street morphology , ; Thermal storage , ; Sustainable city , ; Hot and arid climate , ; Sky View Factor (SVF) , ; Albedo materials (a) ; Air conditioning.