Journal of Building Materials and Structures


Journal of Building Materials and Structures (JBMS) is an open access, peer-reviewed journal, published by the Civil Engineering Researcher Club in the University Amar Telidji-Laghouat, with no publication fee that publishes, in English, in all areas of building materials and engineering structures. The journal welcomes the submission of manuscripts that meet the general criteria of significance and academic excellence. JBMS is currently published semi-annually and offers a meeting targeted for specialists around the world to publish and discuss all topics related to the building materials and structures. JBMS topics include, but are not limited to: research on elaboration and characterization of building materials, experimental techniques and microstructural properties and structural engineering.







Strength and durability of low-impact environmental self-compacting concrete incorporating waste marble powder

pages 31-41.    Aboubakeur Boukhelkhal. Lakhdar Azzouz. Benchaa Benabed. Akram Salah Eddine Belaïdi.

Recycling of rubber waste in sand concrete

pages 42-49.    Mohamed Guendouz. Djamila Boukhelkhal.

Development of Materials Based on PET-Siliceous Sand Composite Aggregates

pages 58-67.    Mohammed Touhami Gouasmi. Ahmed Soufiane Benosman. Hamed Taïbi.

Behaviour of reinforced columns with E_Glass fiber and carbon fiber

pages 68-75.    Hafida Bouchelaghem. Abederrezak Bezazi. Messaouda Boumaaza. Naziha Benzanache. Fabrizio Scarpa.

Mechanical Strengths of Modified PET Mortar Composites in Aggressive MgSO4 Medium: ACI & B.S Predictions

pages 76-83.    Nabil Kazi Tani. Ahmed Soufiane Benosman. Yassine Senhadji. Hamed Taïbi. Mohamed Mouli.

Repair of Reinforced Concrete Beams in Shear using Composite Materials PRFG Subjected to Cyclic Loading

pages 84-92.    Messaouda Boumaaza. Abderrezak Bezazi. Hafida Bouchelaghem. Naziha Benzannache. Sofiane Amziane. Fabrizio Scarpa.