Journal of Applied Engineering Science & Technology


The J. Appl. Eng. Sci. Technol., JAEST, (ISSN 2352-9873) is a peer-reviewed biannual journal published in both electronic and print versions by the Faculty of Sciences and Technology, FST, of the University of Biskra. The JAEST provides immediate open access to its content on the principle that making research freely available to the public supports a greater global exchange of knowledge. The objective of this journal is to communicate recent and projected advances in applied engineering science & technology. The scope of JAEST covers a wide spectrum of subjects including: A- Electrical, Electronics and Automatic Engineering; B- Thermal, Mechanical and Materials Engineering; C- Geotechnical and Civil Engineering; D- Environmental and Water Resource Engineering; E- Chemical and Process Engineering; F- Architectural and Building Engineering. The journal welcomes manuscripts in English or French that provide information not previously published in journals in the fields of engineering science research. The JAEST publishes also special issues containing the best papers selected from various conferences in sub-fields of applied engineering science and technology.







Influence of the cyclic loading of very large number of cycles on the pile capacity

pages 51-55.    Hadj Bekki. Brahim Tali. Jean Canou. Jean-claude Dupla. Ali Bouafia.

Formulation of a composite of date palm wood-cement

pages 57-63.    Farid Touloum. Younsi Akli. Kaci Abdelhak. Adel Benchabane.

Multiple solutions for flow mode−transition in an inclined cavity generated by natural convection

pages 75-85.    Miloud Zellouf. Noureddine Moummi. Adnane Labed. Kamel Aoues.

FVM model and virtual instrument based system for electromagnetic characterization of steel material

pages 87-90.    Islam-ncereddine El Ghoul. Ahmed Cheriet. Samir Bensaid. Ala-eddine Lakhdari.

The effective length estimation of columns in semi-rigid jointed braced frames

pages 91-97.    Ismail Meghezzi-larafi. Abdelouahab Tati.

Experimental and numerical analyses of a thin cylindrical shell model

pages 99-103.    Oussama Temami. Djamal Hamadi. Abdallah Zatar. Ashraf Ayoub.

Analyses of a composite functionally graded material beam with a new transverse shear deformation function

pages 105-113.    Hamza Guenfoud. Hassina Ziou. Mohamed Himeur. Mohamed Guenfoud.